My guest this week is Govert Hamers, President and CEO of Vanderlande, the global market leader in baggage handling systems for airports, and sorting systems for parcel and postal services. The company is also a leading supplier of warehouse automation solutions. Having recent won a bid to supply baggage handling services to the new Istanbul airport, Govert reveals the complexities that go with such a prestigious contract.....and the enormity of their own business.
In this week's show, Ben Kolp tells us why manufacturers should be doing more to tell their stories with the help of social technologies. He works for Orca Social and has a funky job title of 'customer happiness' - how cool is that?! Orca Social's mission is to achieve competitiveness via social technologies for companies to become sustainable in a rapidly changing business landscape of limited resources. Let's find out how!
My guest this week is Professor Tim Baines, Executive Director of The Advanced Services Group (not the Aston Centre for Servitization Research and Practice as is mentioned in the early part of the podcast, my apologies!). Tim is the leading international authority on servitization and spends much of his time working hands-on with both global and local manufacturing companies to understand servitization in practice and help to transform businesses. He spent ten years working in manufacturing businesses, beginning his career as an apprentice. His background gives him a personal understanding of the challenges faced by the industry and of the need for practical, relevant guidance on implementing change strategies.
Eric Verhelst serves as the Plant Manager for the Automotive plant in Oostkamp since 2010. His plant, with 700 employees,...
My guest this week is Denise Taylor, Managing Director of Bridge PR & Media Services. Telling stories isn't easy (unbelievably)! Telling them in a positive manner is another matter, whilst getting manufacturers and engineering businesses to tell stories they don't even know they have proves to be a challenge, a challenge that Denise and her team revel in!
My guest this week is Cathie Hall. Those of you that have tuned in from the outset will remember Cathie as my first guest back in November 2015. Well, after 6 months, I thought it appropriate that, during the week yours truly will be speaking at Syspro Europe's Open Day ("Trends and Challenges in European Manufacturing), this first episode gets a 'reprise'! Watch out for the new episode with Cathie - coming soon!
Dave Opsahl, Vice President of Corporate Development at Tech Soft 3D. In this role, Dave explores, develops and leads company...
Mark Redgrove, Head of Communications at Orgalime, the European engineering industries association. This week my guest is 'me'! I'll be...
Dr. Ing. (Electrical Engineering) Giuliano Monizza (Independent Consultant). Dr. Ing. (Electrical Engineering) Giuliano Monizza former Vice President and Spokesperson of...
"Live well, laugh often and encrypt absolutely everything" Jaya Baloo is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of KPN Telecom in the Netherlands. Working in the information security arena for the past 18 years, she has worked mostly for global telecommunications companies such as Verizon and France Telecom.
Zoya Sheftalovich is a technology reporter for POLITICO (Europe). Zoya Sheftalovich is a technology reporter for POLITICO (Europe). She moved...
My guest on this week's show is engineer/designer Mark Sanders. Mark started as a Mechanical Engineer at a division of Rolls-Royce, in the UK. He later trained as a Designer at the Royal college of Art, and now works as inventor/designer/engineer. He lectures at universities and industry events around the world.
This week's guest is Mike Woodhall. When Mike is not cycling around Europe making money for Brain Tumour Research & Support (BTRS), he leads a team dedicated to making the life of 'energy consumers' (that's all of us!) easier!
This week i'm delighted to welcome Professor Andy Neely to the show. Andy is the Head of Cambridge University’s Institute for Manufacturing and Founding Director of the Cambridge Service Alliance, an industrial consortium involving the University of Cambridge and BAE Systems, Caterpillar, IBM, Pearson and Zoetis.
My guest this week is Sue Dunkerton OBE. Sue Dunkerton is Director at the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), responsible for priority themes within Health, Agri-Food and Bioscience & Biotechnology as well as H2020 and Smart Specialisation. From 2002 – 2014, Sue ran the Health KTN, and has prior experience in medical technologies, digital health, assisted living, regenerative medicine and stratified medicine.
“It is very easy to make technology complex, it is very difficult to make technology simple. Yet in manufacturing only the simplest workable solution becomes a success”