My guest this week is Carl Baxter, Managing Partner at Clement Pierce. The results at Clement Pierce speak for themselves, their accomplished approach not only delivers top quality results but is supported by countless client and candidate testimonials of exceptional service received from the Clement Pierce Team. They have a 100% successful placement ratio for clients that engaged in their retained service.
My guest this week is Jochen Kreusel, Group Senior Vice President of the ABB group, Zurich, and market innovation manager of the group’s Power Grids division. Jochen will deepen the discussion about what's happening with Europe's transmission and distribution networks, explaining what's happening now and what is coming in terms of future development.
My guest on the show this week is Jorge González, Managing Director of Ormazabal, a company headquartered in Bilbao, Spain, providing solutions for the electricity distribution networks focused on innovation. Jorge unravels some of the mystery behind the term 'smart grid' and discusses the importance of manufacturing on the evolution of the energy sector, whilst at the same time, the energy sector has also influenced the evolution of manufacturing! A modern transmission backbone in combination with adequately developed, modern distribution networks is the enabler for integrating the high shares of wind and solar power Europe is striving for in order to decarbonise its energy system. .
My guest this week comes from the world of textiles. Deborah lived all little girls' dreams by completing a degree in fashion and textile design, starting a career in fashion buying and becoming successful - she supplied Harrods, Fortnum and Mason, Selfridges, Nieman Marcus and many more. But after her daughter was born with a genetic disability, something had to change......
Pamela Cain believes in 'quality', so does Rob Marchant, her business partner. MarchantCain Design Ltd thrives on providing quality bespoke, niche, low volume designs to the automotive industry - it does so with a winning combination of experience and a smattering of youth - where the obstacles to innovation don't exist. This is another great story where hard work and personal sacrifice results in what they were both seeking, a highly successful, innovative business where each and every day brings a new challenge and a smile to their faces!
Germany is renowned for it's engineering prowess and rightly so! My guest this week is one from this breed of 'innovators'! Dipl.-Ing. Guido Follert is the Head of Department Machines and Facilities at the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics. Guido talks freely about the 'raison d'etre' of the Fraunhofer Institute, where Rack Racers and Stack Access Machines are part of the daily 'jargon'.
My guest this week, the first in the second series of Manufacturing at Heart podcasts, is Luke Benton, the Managing Director of MNB Precision Ltd. Established over 35 years ago (by Luke's Grandad), MNB Precision provides manufacturing and precision engineering services to world leading companies across the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Aerospace, Rail and other manufacturing industries that may require precision engineers.
The really exciting thing about IoT is that it enables companies to develop entirely new business models around providing services to customers. This means you can create brand new revenue streams, not just improve on the existing ones - Andreas explains how......
Cathie Hall returns to the show to explain how the 'Digital Transformation' is affecting her customers. She explains that whilst the Internet of Things (IoT) can appear daunting, many businesses are further down the line of digital transformation than they may at first realise....!
My guest this week is Govert Hamers, President and CEO of Vanderlande, the global market leader in baggage handling systems for airports, and sorting systems for parcel and postal services. The company is also a leading supplier of warehouse automation solutions. Having recent won a bid to supply baggage handling services to the new Istanbul airport, Govert reveals the complexities that go with such a prestigious contract.....and the enormity of their own business.
In this week's show, Ben Kolp tells us why manufacturers should be doing more to tell their stories with the help of social technologies. He works for Orca Social and has a funky job title of 'customer happiness' - how cool is that?! Orca Social's mission is to achieve competitiveness via social technologies for companies to become sustainable in a rapidly changing business landscape of limited resources. Let's find out how!
My guest this week is Professor Tim Baines, Executive Director of The Advanced Services Group (not the Aston Centre for Servitization Research and Practice as is mentioned in the early part of the podcast, my apologies!). Tim is the leading international authority on servitization and spends much of his time working hands-on with both global and local manufacturing companies to understand servitization in practice and help to transform businesses. He spent ten years working in manufacturing businesses, beginning his career as an apprentice. His background gives him a personal understanding of the challenges faced by the industry and of the need for practical, relevant guidance on implementing change strategies.
Eric Verhelst serves as the Plant Manager for the Automotive plant in Oostkamp since 2010. His plant, with 700 employees,...
My guest this week is Denise Taylor, Managing Director of Bridge PR & Media Services. Telling stories isn't easy (unbelievably)! Telling them in a positive manner is another matter, whilst getting manufacturers and engineering businesses to tell stories they don't even know they have proves to be a challenge, a challenge that Denise and her team revel in!
My guest this week is Cathie Hall. Those of you that have tuned in from the outset will remember Cathie as my first guest back in November 2015. Well, after 6 months, I thought it appropriate that, during the week yours truly will be speaking at Syspro Europe's Open Day ("Trends and Challenges in European Manufacturing), this first episode gets a 'reprise'! Watch out for the new episode with Cathie - coming soon!
Dave Opsahl, Vice President of Corporate Development at Tech Soft 3D. In this role, Dave explores, develops and leads company...