Thinking about the Future with James Woudhuysen

Professor James Woudhuysen.

Show notes:

Visiting Professor, London South Bank University; journalist; occasional broadcaster for Radio 4. St Paul’s School scholar; helped install Britain’s first computer-controlled car park, 1968; graduated in physics. Editor, Design, 1979-82; co-founder, Blueprint magazine. Multi-client study, e-commerce, for the designers Fitch, 1988; proposed Web TV, Henley Centre for Forecasting, 1993. Chief, worldwide market intelligence, Philips Consumer Electronics, the Netherlands, 1995-7. Director, product designers Seymour Powell, 1997-2001. Independent since 2001.

In this episode, James refers to 'The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies' by Erik Brynjolfsson and his colleague Andrew McAfee - see Jame's caustic review of that book.

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