A 'smart' thing to do with John L. Harris

John L. Harris - Vice President, Head of Governmental Affairs and Public Relations, for Landis+Gyr AG.

Show notes:

In this episode, John tells about the 'smart' in smart metering, smart homes, smart appliances and smart grids.

Landis+Gyr provides metering solutions for electricity, gas, heat/cold and water for energy measurement solutions for utilities. Since 1896 the company has been helping customers overcome operational, regulatory and consumer driven challenges by capturing the advantages and benefits of technology. There is a complete portfolio of energy meters and integrated smart metering solutions, enabling utilities and end-users to make better use of scarce resources, save operating costs and protect the environment by managing energy better – and to build the smart grid.

Importantly in Europe, Landis+Gyr manufactures in the UK (Gas meters in Stockport near Manchester, Residential Electricity meters near Peterborough), France (residential electricity meters in Montlucon), Germany (heat meters in Nuremberg), Switzerland (Industrial, commercial and grid meters) and Greece (volume production in Corinth).

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