Making the news for manufacturers with Dr Denise Taylor PhD

Denise Taylor is Managing Director of Bridge PR & Media Services, a national PR agency with depth knowledge and expertise in manufacturing and technical PR across the whole supply chain from conceptualisation and design to IT and on to warehousing and distribution. 

As a former business advisor, Denise has a lot of experience accelerating business growth for supply chain industries. At the helm of Bridge, she works closely with manufacturing and engineering businesses throughout Europe to help them not only get their heads around the changes happening to the sector, but to help them tell their stories in a positive way as well. Denise works at a strategic level to help engineering businesses to realise their growth goals through effective PR and marketing communications, geared towards telling the right stories to the right people. Under her leadership, Bridge PR is quickly becoming the go-to agency for engineering businesses across Europe to partner with, in order to achieve their growth goals.

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