"It's not rocket science!" with Dr Lucy Rogers


Lucy is a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, problem solver, maker and Judge on the recent series of BBC Robot Wars.

A self proclaimed cheerleader for the Maker Industry and Founder of the Guild of Makers (www.guildofmakers.org). In addition, Lucy also has a PhD in Bubbles (Fluid Dynamics), a City in Guilds in Wood-turning and a Cycling Proficiency Certificate!

Lucy says "My family make things – from spinning to woodwork, metalwork to embroidery. Making is such a integral part of my life that it was only recently that I realised I am a 'maker' first and an 'engineer' second.  To me it’s like saying I’m 5’6″ or have blue eyes.  It’s just part of what I am. But I’ve realised not everyone is encouraged to make or even know what a maker is. I aim to change that"

So why not join Lucy and the other 'Makers' in the #MakersHour on Twitter (every Wednesday from 20-21h)