Industry 4.0, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Ransomware & much more with Gordon Coulter

Industry 4.0, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Ransomware & much more with Gordon Coulter.

Gordon Coulter is the CEO of Exmos Ltd.  Based in Central Scotland, Exmos are the experts in Process Monitoring and IT Managed Services for Industry & Enterprise.


Gordon founded Exmos more than 25 years ago, and in this time has gained a wealth of experience working alongside industry clients. Exmos focuses on being a valued strategic partner first and a trusted IT services provider second.


Using its data monitoring platform SentiLAN™ that was developed in-house by Gordon and the team, Exmos collects over 2 million data metrics every 24 hours from over 120 sites across 15 countries.


Through his work with Exmos, Gordon first came across the term Industry 4.0 several years ago. Industry 4.0 is the new name for something that’s been happening for some time - Gordon and Exmos have been working with manufacturers for many years on digitising their operations.


In Gordon’s words, “Manufacturers globally have been ignited by the excitement that is digital transformation and Industry 4.0 - and Exmos passionately believes this revolution is for everyone – not just the trailblazers at the top. Many organisations are scared away from 4IR projects because they think they don’t have the skills or deep enough pockets to succeed, or they’re being distracted by terms like Big Data and Machine Learning. But there are plenty small projects embracing Industry 4.0 principles that can bring ROI – it’s just about breaking down your processes and learning from the data.”


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