From concept to store within 12 months with Tim Lawrence

Tim Lawrence: Head of Manufacturing PA Consulting Group.

Show notes:

In this episode, Tim explains the shift in mindset in the way manufacturing has redesigned itself.  An entrepreneur arrives with an idea (and some money to invest), a team of experts in technology, innovation and marketing analyse the idea and identify a way forward to make the dream a reality!  Fascinatingly simple don't you think?  We just need to change our minds...

Tim Lawrence has 26 years of experience in transforming manufacturing organisations working within the Automotive, Industrial Engineering and Consumers Good.   During his 20 years at PA consulting Tim has worked with global companies to deliver improvements in their supply chains, focused on reducing complexity and cost, managing globalisation, improving customer service and improving supply chain visibility in the boardroom. His recent clients in manufacturing include, Unilever, Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagen, Skoda, Philips, Siemens, Rieter Automotive and Continental.

Recent achievements include:

  • Transforming the supply chain and reducing lead-time for a global automotive company
  • Creating agile and flexible supply chains in consumer goods radically reducing inventory and lead-times
  • Re-inventing manufacturing processes and supply chains for a global FMCG delivering more than 20 times ROI
  • Developing the manufacturing strategy and global network for the future for a personal care company

Tim has been instrumental in developing PA’s insights into global supply chain management and regularly speaks on these topics at conference platforms across Europe and the US.

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