A chance to win with Mark Redgrove

Mark Redgrove, Head of Communications at Orgalime, the European engineering industries association.


This week my guest is 'me'!  I'll be reviewing the minor changes that have just been published on the Manufacturing at Heart website.  Why not get your Company to become a supporter and add your logo to the site?

Mark is association Head of Communications applying all-round communications skills, focusing on the issue of engineering and in particular, European legislation (new and existing) and how that will affect the sector.  Responsible for developing target specific communication tools and applying a 'Corporate' approach to communications.  Project manage production of material, events and in-house tools.

The goal is to assist the association decision makers that timely communication is ultra important - probably more so today than in the past - in order to have 'our voice' heard above the rest.

Specialties: Visionary, digital, project management, branding, campaign management, strategic comms, networking, podcaster, engineer by trade.