And the winner is with Stefano Lippi

Stefano Lippi - Director Business Development, Engines at Wärtsilä.

Show notes:

In this episode, Stefano tells us about a journey into marine engineering that can truly be regarded as a gift - not the normal route followed by most!

In February 1998, when he was 17 years old, Stefano had a very serious accident when a car struck him and crushed him against a wall whilst he was entering his house. Due to the serious injuries, the amputation of his left leg was necessary in order to save his life.  From that day on his life changed completely.  He had to use a special prosthetic leg in order to walk again.  He does however view this accident as one of the best things that happened to him!  He firmly believes that he is a stronger person. 

After that he started to develop new prosthetic limbs for athletes - he was competing in the 100m sprint and long jump.  In 2002 he won the world championship in France in the long Jump and finished 4th in the 100m.  In 2004, he won the silver medal in the long jump whilst participating in the Paralympic games of Athens.  Subsequently in 2008 he participated in the Beijing Paralympics, achieving a 4th place in 100m.  He has collaborated with companies like INAIL and Ossur focusing on prosthetics development (i.e. gait analysis, testing of new materials and bionics).

In 2008 he joined Wärtsilä as product cost engineer and then in 2010 he decided to stop professional athletics activity and started to focus 100% on Wärtsilä, where he is now Director, Business Development, Engines Marine Solutions, responsible for Business Development within the Wartsila Engines division aiming for continuous improvement in term of operations and new business opportunities.  He leads a  very experienced global team that are focusing on:


Supply Chain Planning

Quality and manufacturing Development

Product Data Management

Some example of his key activities:

  • Define and communicate strategy for Engines Business Line including follow up and long term financial business plan
  • Evaluation of new Joint Ventures
  • Profitability improvement through product cost reduction projects
  • Definition of new slot booking model to ensure production balancing
  • Implementation of new manufacturing systems focusing on machining improvement and efficiency optimization
  • Implement traceability system for critical components
  • Product portfolio and product ownership definition and implementation

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